Well my friend has virgin black hair she dyed it caramel using wella 9/1 and 8/1 and 40 vol I loved the color :)
I want to do the same to my mom, my mom has 75% grey hair and she dyes it black 302/0.
She wants to dye her hair caramel and she does not want to bleach her hair since its damaged enough.
Would it work if i use wella 9/1 and 8/1 and 40 vol on her black died hair ???
How can i dye my mom,s hair caramel ???
Thanks in advance :)

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I'm with you 100% color does not lift color! lol the slow process is a lot better! much better on the hair and better color results

sara smisek said:

WOW!  talk about damaging. even a 10 with 40v wont work, but 40v peroxide with even a color will blow the hair up!  (a level 10 color has LOTS of ammonia also)  you are much better to go bleach and 20 vol than ANYTHING with 40 (which, AGAIN, will NOT work anyway.)  Low and Slow baby, Low and Slow. lol.   good luck  :)

You cannot lift colour w colour...period. I use Scruples Blazing Lights, it will get you any colour you want over any type of processed hair. 20 min under dryer & you have your desired shade. Of course you have to buy the system, but worth the purchase.

Hi Aya,

 First let me tell you that the reason your friend's hair came out a beautiful caramel is because she had natural color.No matter what company or product line tells you that you can lift color with color, it is a lie. You might get lucky and it just might pull to the right levels, but Highly unlikely, and definately not going to happen again. You're also working with grey hair at roots 75%, so your formula that you might wish to achieve will work on the grey natural if you formulate it correctly. as for those black ends, you will have to remove that color , either with a Oxidation color remover which is tricky or a mild bleach wash. Yoiu will have to use low volume bleach and bring it to a level which will still have gold remaining to accept the color. then use a demi permanent color on those ends and a different formula at roots. Good Luck!


I would do a mild decolorizing wash (will depend on the texure of hair, finer hair-gentle formulation)

then go over with a NON permanant color. like shades EQ or matrix colorsync

If you use permanant color on already porous hair it will make it even more porous and wash right out

Scruples blazing lights has carmel and its always perfect everytime! I have been using it fo years save yourself the headache and get scruples!
I say heavy foil highlights with lightener and 30vol..it will lift to a medium orange color..if your lucky it will lift to light orange. .dry the hair then deposit a level 7 natural or ash based . It will get you closer to where you want to be..let your mom know that lifting black hair color from the hair is a difficult process and will take more than once to achieve the looks desired. Protecting the integrity of the hair is most important.
For the lightner try schwarzkopf blonde me. Good luck!
Yes a careful bleaching process is better than the multiple color attemps with color. The way to think about it reminds me of the master colorist manual, you can't remove chocolate chips from a chocolate chip coookie by adding more chips after. I hope I expalined it well :P
Can't do it!! Please take some color classes so you can help you clients.
It's difficult to lighten black and you can NOT lighten color with color. However you can use a color remover product. I've used Paul Mitchell and it works well. It's rather smelly but removes the artificial color from the hair. And from there you can use a color formula like you listed. Probably with a lower volume. Make sure to follow all instructions on remover.

I have to agree, you cant lift color with color effectivley.   All it  will do is  create a moderate lift because of the developer and it will rearrange the dye molecules in the hair creating an uneven and unpredictable color results .  Store brand colors are even more unpredictable . Despite the reasons for not wanting to use bleach ...it is the only way to get even lift before toning . There are no short cuts when dealing with previously color treated hair .  I would suggest a heavy hilite and tone and make it a gradual process . Again no fast way to fix store brand boxed black haircolor . 

Colour does no lift artifical colour. Unless you bleach your mom's hair she will not see any change.

Black color is almost impossible to remove.Color will NOT lift color, even if you bleach it (which I wouldn't do)it will not lift even & it might melt...it will be a slow process.

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