Well my friend has virgin black hair she dyed it caramel using wella 9/1 and 8/1 and 40 vol I loved the color :)
I want to do the same to my mom, my mom has 75% grey hair and she dyes it black 302/0.
She wants to dye her hair caramel and she does not want to bleach her hair since its damaged enough.
Would it work if i use wella 9/1 and 8/1 and 40 vol on her black died hair ???
How can i dye my mom,s hair caramel ???
Thanks in advance :)

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Pravana color remover works wonders. try that to remove the black it may take two processes. Treat the hair with protein then proceed with color

  Hi!  While color CAN "lift" color, we can never know how much.  BLEACH (Lightener" ALWAYS "Lifts" color.  I prefer using bleach, rather than a color "remover" or a lighter color....  As these usually result in a spotty or uneven "lift"  I strand

test, wrapping four or five strands,  "root to end" at the nape of the hair.  Use bleach in the foil.  Process at room

temperature for 20 minutes.  Open the foils and "see where you are".   Not it's time to tell the client precisely what

 is safely achieveable as you lift the hair to a lighter shade.  Professional, controlled lifting is NOT a quick or easy

thing..... it is an art, and it can be labor intensive and time consuming.  This is the kind of information I share at my

color classes.....  I teach all the time,  all over the country.  AND... I am teaching a THREE HOUR color class on Saturday, at this year's Behind the Chair "COLOR" in New Orleans.  PLEASE register now.  Come and see me, and we will discuss so many of the things YOU deserve to know about this wonderful world of professional hair coloring.  See you soon.

Beth Minardi    Beth Minardi Signature Shades  bethminardi@gmail.com   www.minardicolor.com   Studio B Hair,  NYC

BLACK hair dye or dark dye will NOT effectively lighten unless you use BLEACH (Lightener).  I recommend that you 

conduct a strand test, wrapping four or five selected sections at the nape of the hair.  USE BLEACH.  Process at room

temperature for 20 minutes. open the foils.  Rinse, shampoo, condition and dry.  You will CLEARLY see where you are,

and will then see what is safely possible..... and what is NOT.  

I teach this all the time as I travel the country.  Please join me.  AND.  At COLOR, this September, in New Orleans,

I am delighted to be teaching an intense,  THREE HOUR private color class on Saturday.  I hope you will register

now with Behind the Chair and Join Me.  Here's to our colorful future. Beth Minardi

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stages are the diploma of lightness or darkness of a coloration that is reflected or seen via the eye. Hair color is assigned a stage range ranging from1 to ten with 1 being black and 10 lightest blonde. In other words, black reflects very little light and lightest blonde displays the greatest quantity of mild. A degree 10 blonde could be ' steps lighter' than a stage eight blonde. This machine of degrees applies Purchase Essay Online to all colors and nearly all manufacturers usually found.

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