Step two is to decide on crystal size and shape. Swarovski rings are most frequently used in the round or bi-cone (diamond) shape, but are also available in a number of beautiful specialty shapes, such as cubes, teardrops, briolettes, leaves, hearts, butterflies, stars, moons, and more! The specialty shapes are particularly fun for pendants which will really show off their shape. Then there is the question of crystal size. For delicate necklaces perfect to wear with filmy chiffon dresses or for junior wedding attendants, a 6mm size is lovely. When you want a little more oomph, try an 8mm crystal size, which is one of the most popular. Or go for drama with 10 or even 12mm crystals, which will really make a statement.

Step three is to think about color. In many cases, the pure sparkle of clear crystals are simply perfect. Clear Swarovski earrings are understated and elegant, while still quite dazzling. When you really want your custom crystal necklace to catch and reflect the light, opt for the "ab" finish. "Ab" stands for aurora borealis, and just like the famed Northern Lights, the ab finish on Swarovski crystals shows brilliant flashes of red, orange, green, blue, and yellow. These crystals are stunning for an evening event, or anytime you want to have the most sparkle possible. Also consider the option of adding colored crystals to your custom design necklace. After all, one of the fun parts about designing a piece especially for a special event dress is that you can create something unique. Crystals can be chosen in colors to match bridesmaid dresses, in pale pastels that flatter the skin, or in meaningful shades like "something blue" for a bride.

Step four is to consider the little extras you might wish to add to your custom Swarovski necklace. All crystal necklaces are definitely spectacular, but if desired, other accents can be included in the design. Perhaps you would like to add some pearls, either freshwater or in Swarovksi colors, to add a classic grace to the crystals. Maybe rhinestone rondelles are just what you need to make your necklace even more sparkly for a very fancy party or wedding. The final choices to make for your custom necklace will be whether you prefer your Swarovski necklace to be set in icy sterling silver or rich 14kt gold fill, as well as what length will be ideal for the neckline of your gown. With all your choices made, all that is left is to sit back and wait for the jeweler to put the finishing touches on your one-of-a-kind Swarovski crystal necklace!

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