I am in the market for a really great pair of shears. Preferably something that is great for both wet and dry cutting. I am will to drop a good amount of cash if its worth it. I have a pair of tondeo shears and another entry level pair of shears that are good but want to step it up! Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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I am sure that you have desire of the roblox robux by without charges anything so you could follow roblox hacks which is do for you.

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Cut Blow-dry Time In Half!

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* Second Sesh ... by @sammiiwang . . . You can only go blonder 😘😘😘 Using @trussprofessional #btcsammiiwang #trussprofessional #btctrussprofessional #behindthechair #ashblonde


* The Architecture of Blonde ... by @chrisjones_hair ・・・ Clean lines✂️ styled with Super-Dry from @victorybrandproducts #btcchrisjones_hair #blonde #victorybrandproducts #behindthechair


* Dusty Neons ... by #THEBTCTEAM's @cryistalchaos . . I used 1 full force color, 3 pastels & one custom color over the previous fade out. @matrix #matrix #socolorcult #btcmatrix #btccryistalchaos #behindthechair


* The More You Know 🌈🌈🌈... a #BTCMORNINGQUICKIE by #THEBTCTEAM's @jayrua_glam Warning ⚠️ This is NOT‼️ the way to remove build up from hair, I am only showing how build up accumulates after using "drug store" shampoos or other products. This is why Is important to have your stylist recommend you the correct products for you. We recommend to wash your hair with @nioxin Clarifying cleansing shampoo once every two weeks to remove and prevent any build up on the hair . On the left side of the video it shows the build up and how easily it scrape off, and on the right is clean hair after using @nioxin clarifying shampoo . @NIOXIN #NIOXIN #NIOXIN30DAYS #FULLERHAIRFULLERLIFE #BTCNIOXIN #btcjayrua_glam #behindthechair #BTCQUICKIE #hairstylistlife

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