I am in the market for a really great pair of shears. Preferably something that is great for both wet and dry cutting. I am will to drop a good amount of cash if its worth it. I have a pair of tondeo shears and another entry level pair of shears that are good but want to step it up! Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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I absolutely love my Rusk swivel thumb shears. I used non swivel thumb shears for 12 years. When I bought the Rusk shears I was amazed by how much better my wrists were.

I love Karg. They have the best sliding texture shear.
Rusk, rusk, rusk

I haven't tried more than a half dozen shears, but the best ones that I own are Hattori Hanzo shears. They seem to cut more clean with less effort then all the other shears I have tried.

I love salon5 this is best place for hair cutting.

i like it.

Mizutani Shears, simply the best shears I have ever tryed over 20 years experince.

They were aquired in one of the best shops for premium quality products in hairdresssing. 


Thanks Guy for the amazing service when I purchase my Mizutani Acro Z2.

It's really difficult to find good shears actually.

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