I want a line of vivid colors in my salon, that don't fade in just a couple of washings. Is there a permanent line? I've tried lines from Manic Panic, Matrix additions to RR and RV and HD colors, So Reds, Color Jams, Jazzing....We also have tried lifting the hair to  a pale gold first. Nothing is staying! Those are demi colors though with the exception of HD SoColor. Now that pale colors are out I'm afraid they won't last even one washing! Any ideas,suggestions?

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I've had luck with Pravana Vivids, which would I believe, fall under the semi-permanent category. Urban Shock by Scruples I've heard good things about as well. Or you could try Joico, they have a line of vivids, but I don't know what it's called.
Hope that helps!

Hi Tracey, We have also tried Framesi with no luck. I'm thinking maybe permanent would work better as the color gets deeper into the hair shaft, and lower the volume of developer, but I can't find any vivids. But on the other hand, demis mainly deposit color so one would think I'd get more vivid colors with demi, but it hasn't worked that way. I will try the ones you suggested though. Thanks

Hi Cindy!
Unfortunately, the best way to get really vivid colors like magenta or green or really pastel colors like lavender or aqua is by using semi-permanent/temporary because of the dye molecules. They are large, too large to penetrate the hair shaft. Hair must be prelightned to a light base color for the vibrancy to show through & it has to be prelightned to open up the cuticle so the color can get deeper into the hair shaft. That is the only way they will stay with any sort of longevity. Then, the best way to seal them in is to use a shine treatment (I like Pravana Silk Degrees Demi Permanent Shine treatment and serum, you can even mix it with the vivids).
Good luck and happy coloring!!

Great Idea with the sealing. We haven't tried that..Would it be better to seal afterwards?Thanks!

Personally, I think the less rinsing, the better! Color will come out with every wash or even with just a rinse of water bcs of the size of the color molecules. So I like to do the least amount of rinsing as possible. It has worked for me with much success, but every stylist and client is diffeerent. Do what you find works best for you & your client. Just be sure to remember to tell them the color will fade, that's just the nature of vivid colors. That way in two weeks they aren't calling & complaining. I like to let them know by letting them know beforehand that this is a high maintenance color & asking them if they are okay with coming in every 2 or 3 weeks for a refresh. Or they can let it fade out & in 6-8 weeks do a completely new color!

i agree with using pravana vivids.the silk degrees is great for creating pastels as well, and the formulations are endless.it lasts 'til the next visit with most clients, as long as they are pre lightened. you can also try elumen by goldwell, it does not come off, so be sure you want to keep the color.once you lock it in with the lock product, it is not coming off.

Joico Intensity is fantastic! If used with proper shampoo they last most like a demi, and they fade beautifully!

I have always had rainbow hair and as such have been playing with all sorts of vivid colors for a while. Honestly my favorite color is Special Effects. I have used it for quite a while, the longer you leave it in, the longer it lasts. Once I left it in overnight and it didn't come out, ever. Also the shine glossing, sealing idea is a good one, I might try that as I feel the semi permanents tend to loose their shine much faster than their color.

I've never heard of that brand. Where did you get it? Is there a strong developer? Because to leave something with developer on overnight would usually break the hair right off! Sounds interesting....thanks!

Special Effects is like Manic Panic, it's a temporary/semi color. No developer.

Tracey Burnap said:
Special Effects is like Manic Panic, it's a temporary/semi color. No developer.
You have to order it directly from the company by phone. They are quite small, but they are my favorite.

Cristyn said:

Honestly my favorite color is Special Effects.

I second this. I've used Special Effects for over a decade with great success. There's very little fade and it's exceptionally gentle on the hair because it's vegetable-based and has no developer. The downfalls, for me, are that it's rather expensive ($12 for a 4oz bottle) and there tends to be some color transfer from the hair to... well, anything your hair or hands come in contact with repeatedly over time. When my hair was Atomic Pink, my pillow case, the buttons of my cell phone, my bathtub, and even some of my keys took on a pinkish tint over the course of a year. Also, if you like to change up your vivid colors frequently, this is probably not the line for you because it doesn't bleach out easily.


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