Recreate L'ANZA Healing Color

30G L'ANZA Cream Decolorizer
30G 20Vol Cream Developer

58G 7CC
2G VMix
60G 20Vol Cream Developer

14G 100
14G GMix
2G RMix
60G Demi Cream Developer

27G 100A
1G RMix
1G BMix
1G VMix
60G Demi Cream Devloper

The DECOLORIZER Formula was applied in slices around the back and sides, as well as a "headband" section behind the fron hairline. Hair was processed to pale blonde, then rinsed. The VIOLET HIGHLIGHTS Formula was applied in foils to remaining lightened hair. The BASE COLOR Formula was applied to all hair around foils. After hair was cleansed and conditioned, then misted with L'ANZA Healing Magic Bullet to lock in color.

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