Regal Storm | Dimitrios Tsioumas| BTC On Paper 2011

Regal Storm | Dimitrios Tsioumas| BTC On Paper 2011

Hail the empresses, the maharanis, the priestesses, the queens. Hail the ancient monarchs who led their people in Jordan, Yemen, India, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Africa. These bold matriarchs vanquished their enemies, then ruled with compassion and wisdom. And of course, they availed themselves of the vast riches of their kingdoms—the glittering jewels, the finest fabrics, the talents of the best artists and craftsmen of the land. Inspired by their charismatic style, NAHA Winner Dimitrios Tsioumas delivers these elegant elites to modern times. Adorned with the esthetics of long-ago times, yet merged with modernity, they seduce and captivate—just like the formidable women who preceded them.

hair: Dimitrios Tsioumas I Artistic Director for Goldwell, Creative Director for Mizu NY, NAHA Winner
makeup: Dragan Vurdelja
photography: Babak
styling: Joseph Episcopo
products: Goldwell StyleSign

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