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Q & A: Top Questions Editors Ask About My Career

How did you get your start and what can other hairdressers do to achieve a similar aspiration? These questions are consistently asked of me by beauty editors, and I LOVE…


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Best Haircut and Styling Tips For Men With A Receding Hairline

Are you uncomfortable to address receding hairlines with your male guests?

Andrew Carruthers tells us to relax – your…


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Sam Villa Razor Cutting: How To Remove Interior Density In The Fringe Area

The razor is an emotional tool! Hot Tip: When using a razor… relax your grip. When you hold a razor with a tight grip (and maybe some aggression) you can end up cutting off more that you planned, so focus on keeping a loose grip.

In this technique, you’re going to learn how to remove interior density & weight using a razor. I like to use this…


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The Top Questions Editors Ask Me: A Day in the Life of Dames!

As an International Artistic Director for Joico and traveling editorial stylist/educator, my routine tends to be a bit different than that of a traditional hairdresser. Here are a few of the questions (and their…


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Best Method For Cutting Layers Into Dry Hair

Sam demonstrates two straightforward techniques for applying layers to dry hair in this ‘to the point’ clip.

#1 – For hair that is DRY to the touch and feel – the kind of hair that shows every line when you finish your blow dry:

  • Use …

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Challenges And Solutions When Cutting A Bob

The bob is a haircut that all stylists must learn to master in the salon. However, there are some common challenges that we encounter that when corrected makes difference between a good bob and …


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Guy Tang's Ombré Makeover on Beauty Blogger Michelle Phan

Guy Tang's Ombré Makeover on Beauty Blogger Michelle Phan

HERE: http://behindthechair.com/displayarticle.aspx?ID=3793&ITID=2…


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Triple Your Retail Sales This Week


Do you want to increase your retail sales which in turn increases your take home? I’ve discovered a simple yet effective way to boost retail sales and it’s easier than you might think.

With beauty companies coming out with new products every day,…


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