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* Pricing, Formulas & HOW-TO >>>

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* HOW-TO, Formulas & Pricing >>>

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Pricing, Formulas & HOW-TO ...

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Dusty Rose: Formulas, Pricing & HOW-TO

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Beachy Bronde Ombre: HOW-TO + Formulas >>>

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HOW-TO, Pricing & Formulas ...

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NEON LIGHTS ... Formulas, Pricing & HOW-TO!

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SHADOW ROOT: HOW-TO, Formulas & Pricing >>>

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HOW-TO: Veil Color Technique

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WATCH THE ENTIRE 2016 Stylist Choice Awards... Our SWEET 16 Birthday Party!

Over 5,800 hairdressers packed into The Chicago Theatre this weekend for Stylist Choice Awards and BTC "On Tour" over 2 days.

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Ombré Shadow... Formulas & HOW-TO >>>>

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HOW-TO: Price Vivid Colors

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HOW-TO: Guy Tang's Tropical Sunset Melt

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9 Brilliant Tips...

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* HOW-TO: S-Wave With A Flat Iron...

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* HOW-TO: Classic Angled Bob

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GUY TANG! 2 WEEKS AWAY! Just a few tickets left!

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HOW-TO: Pink Shadow Root Cut & Color

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* What You Should Know....

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Cut Blow-dry Time In Half!

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* Stunning! ... by @fedorinaanna ・・・ #btcfedorinaanna #behindthechair #bobs #redhair #purplehair


* 1ST TIME EVER! @paintedhair WEBINAR: Balayage Techniques with #THEBTCTEAM's @paintedhair!!! THIS WILL SELL OUT!!! 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ SIGN UP at: Behindthechair.com/WEBINARS or 👉 CLICK LINK IN BIO 👈 Date: Monday, April 2, 6-7:30pm CDT Join Patricia Nikole, aka #paintedhair to her nearly 700k Instagram followers, to learn blended balayage techniques. She’ll walk through bricklay hair painting techniques and simple steps to create a beautiful balayage. Plus, learn how to create dimension with painted panels—perfect for transitioning from traditional highlights! You Will Learn: Mixing ratios and application details How to blend without using a base or applying a root smudge How to quickly and efficiently break up a solid canvas of hair How to use diagonal sections to create a seamless lowlight blend Proper formulation to avoid overly dark or muddy color 👉 CLICK LINK IN BIO 👈 to SIGN UP or go to: Behindthechair.com/WEBINARS!!! #behindthechair #hairpaint #Balayage #btcFAM #beautyschool #hairstylist


* Stunning either way ... beautiful change! ... Color @mizzchoi Style @salsalhair #salsalhair #mizzchoi #newhair #makeover #transformation #novaartssalon #btcmizzchoi #btcsalsalhair #behindthechair ・・・


🤤... 👊💥 ... #btconeshot_cuttransformation18 #btconeshot_colortransformation18 by @jmalonehair ・・・ Before and After ✔️ She said she felt ‘Blah’ and needed a change, so a change is what she got! . * The More You Know 🌈🌈🌈 ... This is the kind of project that literally gets my heart ❤️pumping, that feel it in your guts and your toes kind of feeling. Every peek at the foils is like a drug and seeing the color change and get to that pale yellow literally makes my heart skip a beat. I was legit almost in tears when I was done with it. 😂 Plus, I know how BADLY she needed this change!! . . This wouldn’t have been possible without @redken flashlift and a little (a lot) of patience!! . CLIENTS TAKE NOTE: This WAS done in one session, but it was one long ⏱almost 8 hour session and she had virgin hair. Did you hear that?? Virgin hair and it still took 7.5 hours. Going from dark to light is VERY time consuming and VERY expensive💲💲 . . If you’re someone wanting to make a drastic change and go from dark to light you have to keep in mind your hair texture, hair color, hair history, and your budget. (Prepare to go broke💰) There’s also a responsibility with going blonde. 💁🏼‍♀️Your take home care is VERY important. If you’re my client I most likely won’t touch your hair with lightener again if you don’t use what I suggest for your hair. It’s not a sales pitch, it’s reality. Toner appointments are 🗝🗝 and keeping your pre-booked appointments. . . . . . #behindthechair #btcjmalonehair #btcredken #redkenready #oneshothairawards #transformationtuesday

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