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HOW-TO: Chrome Waves by Eva Lam

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HOW-TO: Raspberry Ice Blend

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* It only takes ONE SHOT to win! CLICK THE PIC FOR DEETS!

Enter as many pics in as many categories on Instagram as you want! All you have to do is hashtag your pics that you want to enter in the category! The pics can even be existing pics on your Instagram! THE ONLY RULE IS, it must be your work! That's it, that's all... isn't it time you took your shot? The BTC ONE SHOT AWARDS... for a full list of categories, go to…


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Our fine and thinning hair clients deserve a cut that will bring out their best facial features; after all, her face is what she is going to see in the mirror everyday.  If we can bring the look of…


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WOW! Color Correction... get the full story!

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HOW-TO: Fiery Red to Blonde Melt

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How many of you have clients asking for cuts with angled fronts – hair that can move back away from the face? Think Farah Fawcett – Yes, Farah! They are…


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GUY TANG... TEACHING... LIVE ON STAGE!!!! Hurry tickets are going fast!

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HOW-TO: Twisted Ombré

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10 things you should know about being a stylist...

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Guy Tang LIVE on stage! March 22nd! Reserve your tickets now- THIS WILL SELL OUT!

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Fishtail Braid Tutorial: How To Make It Bigger & Better!!

Heather Chapman is an educator for advanced bridal, braided & vintage hair styling. Her work has been featured in publications and websites such as Vogue Italia, Behind The Chair and Green Wedding Shoes. We are excited to feature Heather as a monthly contributor to our website as she will be sharing advanced…

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Red Raven FORMULAS and SBS

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How To Create A Flower Knot Braid

Adding accents to our guests’ hair adds value!  The process is not time consuming and can easily be done to compliment the end result.
In this video, we're going to show you a very easy, cool and unique trick by tying two sections of the hair into a flower knot braid pattern.  Just as in braiding and knotting, it’s …

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HALF OFF IN OUR BTC STORE! USE promo code: xmas2014

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How To Prevent Excess Weight Behind The Ear With Graduation

Have you ever wondered why we end up with that unwanted excess weight behind the ear with a shorter graduated haircut?

Andrew Carruthers, education director for Sam Villa® knows why and he explains it beautifully in this how-to video that will have you standing corrected immediately! Discover how not moving around the head enough…


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Cut Blow-dry Time In Half!

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