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"Ask Dames" Tip of the Week: TO TALK, OR NOT TO TALK

When I'm with a client, I tend to keep things always directed toward their hair and overall image. To be blunt, I’m not interested in hearing about their dog or what they had for dinner last night, LOL. II’ve heard it all! Sometimes silence is golden; it keeps you focused--especially if you need…


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"ASK DAMES" Tip of the Week: Helping Clients Update Their Look

Ever had a client that you’ve been trying to persuade into changing it up a bit? Then, when you go away on vacation, she returns to you with a new look that you’ve been trying to get her to have for ages! She listened to someone else, but your advice had been falling on deaf ears!…


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Don’t be shy about explaining this to your clients! Recommendations for cuts should always work with the hair's natural growth pattern, be it in the crown area, nape area or front hairline. The nape area grows asymmetric, into a point--take advantage of this and incorporate the…


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"ASK DAMES" Tip of the Week: The Theory on Sections--WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?

If you’re cutting, coloring or dressing hair, sectioning is vital. It’s the roadmap and or blueprint of your design. It’s proven--if you were to draw out your sectioning pattern on a blank head sheet, you’ll have a much sharper, cleaner plan of action -- a mental and…


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"Ask Dames" Tip of the Week: YOU ARE WHAT YOU READ!

I only have magazines on hand that I want my clients to read during their salon visit (e.g. fashion, hair magazines. Vogue, W, the list goes on)--any kind of magazine that connects with the hair and fashion world. They are great for getting…


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Schwarzkopf Essential Looks 2014 - MIAMI

Do you have plans for November 2 & 3? How about Miami! Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks 2014 is coming up at the fab Hotel Miami Downtown! Come see me Damien Carney Professional, Kim Vo, Kathy Simon, Rossa Jurenas, and Antony Whitaker -- we'll be…


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Top Questions Editors Ask Me #3: The Realities of The Road!

The business of beauty isn't always glamorous, but it is always beautiful! Find out…


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Q & A: Top Questions Editors Ask About My Career

How did you get your start and what can other hairdressers do to achieve a similar aspiration? These questions are consistently asked of me by beauty editors, and I LOVE…


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The Top Questions Editors Ask Me: A Day in the Life of Dames!

As an International Artistic Director for Joico and traveling editorial stylist/educator, my routine tends to be a bit different than that of a traditional hairdresser. Here are a few of the questions (and their…


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J-Cut J-Color, THE COMPLETE METHODOLOGY Class - MAY 18-19th!

There's a methodology to our madness! Join myself and Sue Pemberton at the Joico Artistic Institute for the 2-day "J-Cut and J-Color: The Complete Methodology" course on May 18-19. You'll learn two sets of three foundational cutting and hair coloring concepts...and you're guaranteed to have a wonderful…


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Don't Miss the IN-EXCESS Trend Course April 27-28th!

Had an amazing time in Boston this past weekend hosting a hands on cut and colour class with Sue Pemberton, Colorist and Hairstylist

Don't miss the next Joico AI event with myself and Sue - The 2-day In-Excess Trend course will be April …


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Black Beauty/Sensationnel Awards, 2013!!!

WOW! I am so honored and excited to share my win at this year's Black Beauty/Sensationnel Awards - International Stylist of the Year!!!!! I had a great time working on the looks in my 'Saturne Noir' collection, looks created to showcase the power, impact, and beauty of texture.…


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Intense Cut & Color @ BTC Academy Chicago

Sue Pemberton and I just wrapped up at the BTC Academy Chicago, and what an amazing, fantastic time! It was a full house, and the energy and artistry was off the charts! Bravo Chicago, way to represent!!!

I want to give a huge thanks to the BTC team, you…


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Message of the Week: Be Thankful to The Team!

Throughout my career I've had the honor of working with some incredible artists. They have all helped me to become the person I am today. One should never forget one's beginnings. Without incredible support and mentors along the way, I wouldn't be who I am today. 

I often…


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Great Blow Drying is an Art!

Great Blow Drying is an Art!

Practice and patience are essential! I believe many stylists today cut corners by doing quick blow outs, then rely on extreme heat to smooth the hair. All you do is fry and dry the hair, and you don't really give it shape or natural polish.…


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Congrats to NAHA 2013 Winners!!!

Well it's official: NAHA results are in!!! Bravo to all who entered, it takes courage and commitment to put your work and yourself on the line to be judged. Keep that momentum going, and don't ever stop trying- it's worth it! And of course, to this year's winners: Congratulations!!! The level of artistry and technique put forth was absolutely amazing!…


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I want to come to YOUR town!

Hey everybody, Dames here!

I've been getting tons of requests lately asking if I am available for more 2013 private/in-salon events, educational programs, and seminars, and the answer is...YES! ;) In-Salon education is one of my favorite--and most requested--event offerings! I like to think of it as “Dames for the Day”! …


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Tips & Tricks: Humidity Blocker

When I’m on a shoot- especially on location and or in a studio- humidity is a nightmare! I often have to redo, refinish and rework the hair, so in the end, it's all about choosing the right product to combat that humidity, and control the hair, without it looking overworked.  

My absolute fave…


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Quick Tips: Understanding Face Shapes

Understanding Face Shapes- It's easy to get excited about creating a new look for someone with a cut and style. BUT - always analyze the face and head shape first!

Not everyone has an ideal oval face, which offers the perfect pallet from which to design.…


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Competition Tips

I like to be constantly surrounded by inspiration in many different ways and forms. I find awards competitions to be a fun, healthy way of being inspired, stimulated and motivated to try new things. Hair should always move forward in time and experiment with new boundaries. The awards process allows one to express creativity and vision.…


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