"Ask Dames" Tip of the Week: TO TALK, OR NOT TO TALK

When I'm with a client, I tend to keep things always directed toward their hair and overall image. To be blunt, I’m not interested in hearing about their dog or what they had for dinner last night, LOL. II’ve heard it all! Sometimes silence is golden; it keeps you focused--especially if you need to keep the client SUPER still. Don’t be frightened to say, "I need you to keep your head still and we can chat more in a bit." It's better to say this than to allow the conversation to get in the way of your cut. But, you obviously don’t want to be cold or uninteresting to the client, either. Just take occasional pauses to assess the situation; remember that you're in control, you’re the expert. 

Photo Credits: 

Hair, Photography and Concept by Damien Carney Professional www.damiencarney.com
Makeup by Aeriel D’andrea Payne using MAC Cosmetics Wardrobe by Rod Novoa www.rodnovoa.com

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