The chignon is very easy to master, easier than it may look.  The cool thing about them is you can place them anywhere you want on the head – remember to maintain balance.  The profile will make the viewer stop and wonder how you created it!
First, it’s all about the ponytail. If you have not mastered the pony, watch this video first.  The hair needs to be slick to the head and pony needs to be smooth as silk!
Tools You'll Need:
Products You'll Need:
  • Redken Pillow Proof Dry Two Day Extender& Oil Absorbing Dry Shampoo
  • Redken Fashion Work 12 versatile hairspray
Once you have your ponytail secured we can begin:
  • Spray Redken Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo to the ponytail on both sides to give the pony substance
  • Brush through both sides of the pony with the Styling Brush – top and underneath
  • Place a hair friendly elastic to mid shaft of the ponytail, twist and bring the bottom half through 
    • HOT TIP – Be sure not to twist the hair or you will loose the tension and the hair will buckle above the elastic
  • Place a grip into the elastic (you just placed at the mid shaft) pointing upward
  • Place the side of your hand onto the upper portion of the ponytail, fold the hair over your hand to see where you want the chignon to sit
    • HOT TIP – Sam is placing his chignons vertically 
  • One you have the chignon in place slide a grip in to secure it in the area you want it to sit on the head
  • Bring the remainder of the ponytail back around and secure it with another grip
  • Spread the chignon out to get it to your liking and be sure to diminish any separations – you want the hair to be very smooth
  • Secure the top of the chignon with another grip pointing downward inside the roll
  • Spray the chignon with Redken Fashion Work 12 versatile spray – be sure to spray in the direction the hair is moving
At this point you have many options to work the remainder of the ponytail into your style.  Get creative but keep it simple.  The beauty of this look is the simplicity as well as the mystery of how it was created.
Show us your chignon hairstyles on Instagram. Tag your photos with #samvilla for a chance to be featured!
If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them in the box below. 
Author: Lya Navarra
Read the original article HERE

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