How-To: Pink Ombré Color

The best hair looks take note of multiple trends and tie them together to create an utterly current work of art. Such is the case with this look by BTC BFFs Diana Arvizu Gonzalez, Jen Puebla and Alaine Monson of Tribeca Salon in Aliso Viejo, CA. This gogeous look updates the ombré trend by utilizing pink pastels—and as we know, amped-up technicolor tresses are on-trend this season.

And if you think that's color, you'd be wrong—it's tinted conditioner applied to pre-lightened hair!

“The Davines Alchemic System Red Conditioneris designed to maintain vibrancy in red haircolor, but I decided to try it on platinum blonde hair because I knew it would produce a pink stain that wouldn’t be damaging," Diana says. "Also, I wouldn’t have to use a metallic dye that could interfere with the bleach retouches.  The conditioner lasts four to six weeks, it’s easy to remove and due to the porosity level, the level of color in the conditioner absorbed by the hair is perfect as opposed to actual haircolor.”

Want to create the look? Here’s the how-to from Diana herself.

Natural Level: 6—hair has been pre-lightened to pale yellow. 

Bleach Retouch: (Required every 3-4 weeks)
1. Create a mohawk section from ear to ear.
2. Beginning at the front of the mohawk, using a tap technique, apply Davines L’Art Decolor Bleach + 40-volume developer to regrowth. Continue bleaching the regrowth throughout the Mohawk section. 
3. Continue applying the regrowth formula through the remaining hair. The front hairline sections on each side should be the last sections to be retouched.
4. Process with heat and without air for 30 to 45 minutes.
5. Shampoo with Alterna Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner
6. Treat with Alterna Color Hold Caviar Anti-Aging Sea Silk Hair Masque and do not rinse.
7. Dry the regrowth to remove most of the moisture.

1. Mix 30 grams of Paul Mitchell The Color Ultra Toner Platinum Blonde (UTP) + 30 grams 40-volume peroxide.
2. Apply this formula to the regrowth, following the same procedure as the bleach retouch. 
3. Process for 10 minutes.
4. Rinse and “soap cap” the hair for 1 minute.
5. Shampoo and condition with Alterna Caviar.

6. Apply a leave-in conditioner and heat styling protector and dry the hair.
7. Pour Davines Alchemic System Red Conditioner into a color bowl without developer.
8. Beginning at the bottom, begin weaving  thick (fettucine) sections and apply the conditioner.  Place the foils in a bricklay pattern, with about two inches of space between each one. As work progresses up the head, increase the space between foils to three inches.  At the highest point of the head, in the part area, foils should be placed four inches apart. 
9. Return to the nape. Using the side of the tint brush, apply the conditioner to large sections, stopping when you reach Zone 2.
10. Process 30 minutes.
11. Remove foils and emulsify the conditioner with water, but without soap.
12. Process 2-3 minutes.
13. Rinse (do not shampoo) and style

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