I might be a little too enthusiastic about all this but I am trying to get myself out to the world! I want people to know that I have a passion for what I do and that I am proud to make a difference in peoples' days!

I currently work for Sport Clips Haircuts as an assistant manager, and barber specialist.  I freelance women's services and color on the side when I have the time.  I love to experiment with color and cuts, i will try anything at least once.  I love to see new styles and trends as a challenge i am glad to accept. (:

I may annoy a few people on this site by how much I am going to be posting, but as of today, I am going to start keeping a photo log of all the colors and new awesome haircuts I produce! I want people to see my work and critique me.  I want to be the best!

My goal is to eventually get into doing hair for movies and TV shows and if any of you are models or stylists for agencies, I would LOVE to get into contact if you would accept my humble invitation!

Thanks for stopping by to read about little old me!


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