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Summer is my favorite season – I love the sun, the heat, the long days and short nights. With our cold and windy, Canadian winters, I try and spend as much time as I can outside so I can take advantage of the beautiful weather.

As with everything in life you have to take the good with the bad. While we all love how the warm sunshine feels on our face and body, you still have to be careful of the damage the sun can cause.

When people think sun protection – they automatically think of their skin. That is why we all slather on sunscreen. What they might not think about is the damage the sun does to your hair.

If you spent a lot of time outdoors this summer – relaxing on the beach or hanging out by the pool, you might have noticed that your hair feels dry lately. That is the downside of summer.

Let’s look at a few reasons why your hair might have lost its luster.

Sunshine: The hair cuticle, the outer layer of a hair strand, determines how well your hair styles and feels. When it’s healthy it should feel smooth. The sun dries it out so it feels rough to the touch of the hand.

Humidity: The dreaded frizz factor. Think of a sponge – it swells up when it soaks up water. Your hair soaks up the humidity in the air – the shaft swells up and leads to cuticle breakage.

Chlorine: Our hair has natural oils. The chlorine strips your hair shaft of these protective oils, making it feel dry.

If you think salt water doesn’t damage your hair. Sorry, you are wrong. Salt water makes your hair dry and brittle too, because it draws the water out of your hair. The water content in your hair is what makes it feel moisturized and elastic.

I’ll bet that you’re checking to see how your hair feels as you read this. But please don’t panic. I have some simple and easy solutions that will help manage your hair after a hot and humid summer.

Get a trim – it will help get rid of those split ends and will freshen up your hairstyle.

Condition your hair and I’m not just talking about your regular hair conditioner.

Hair oil will help too. Apply a few drops of Wella Oil Reflections onto your damp hair for a nice smoothing effect. It will also help provide additional protection from hot hair styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons.

Post Summer Hairapy - Dear Hairdresser

Wella Luxe Oil is a reconstructive elixir. It softens hair without weighing it down. Apply as a leave-in treatment for conditioning, styling and finishing. It also contains almond, argan and jojoba oils – all great for healthier hair.

Almond Oil: Helps lock in moisture and restore shine.
Argan Oil: Helps restore lost moisture.
Jojoba Oil: Helps seal in moisture.

Post Summer Hairapy - Dear Hairdresser

Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper is a brushable humidity resistance strong hold hairspray.

Re-Shaper is my favourite hairspray that I’ve used in 21 years to date. I can spray it onto the hair, then work with it without it being sticky.

I can mould shapes into the hair or just use it as a spray to finish the style that I just created. It gives just the right amount of shine and hold every time. It smells amazing and natural.

When it comes to hair products consistency is the key and Re-Shaper is my go to spray every time. It’s a great product – I love it and won’t live without it.


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