Long Layered Haircut Tutorial using Hirmiz Level Cutting Comb

To place an order or for more information visit us at http://www.urdistributor.com Hairstylist Adil Hirmiz is the creator of the Hirmiz Level Cutting Comb. I...

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That's a wrap! Here's to another COLOR, Cut & Style, Thank-you, here's to a new beginning In the light... #behindthechair #btcbelieves #BTCCOLOR2O16 #btcREADY


When #BTCONESHOT finalist @hairdemarco models for @schorembarbier 😍 @reuzel #btccolor2016 #behindthechair


The Bearded Bastard giving a classic cut (and the model is stoked 😜) @schorembarbier @reuzel #behindthechair #btccolor2016


@the_bloody_butcher brought down the house! @schorembarbier was just as insane as we predicted! #behindthechair #btccolor2016

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