K, here it is--we, my salon and I, are debating as to whether or not we should go with the Brazilian Blowout smoothing system or Keratin Complex. I have spoken with both company's reps and would value the opinions of my peers, where ever your loyalties may lie. Give me the 411.

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No opinions?
I personally love the keratin Complex.. I feel that it has more body and less stressful to the hair.. I think u should YouTube Keratin Complex and see all the benefits 
In my salon we use Keratin Complex.. I feel like it has a better smell, and doesn't burn the skin.. I did the final blow dry and straightening without cloves and my hands look amazing.. Also people love the idea of no  formaldehyde and unhealthy products.. I lie Keratin Complex styling line also, their dry shampoo is amazing! 
Dedinately YouTube it and u will see how amazing I works!
Keratin complex, for sure!
Only have used keratin complex its a great product but make sure area is well ventilated and not to oversaturate product, as it may disturb people with highly sensitive allergies, I only do them occasionally because when i started to do them constantly i would get bad head aches, do research a little more reps will always try to make a sell, its what you and your salon are most comfortable with. Good luck

have use both Brazilian Blow out and Coppola, I would reccomend neither, what I have found by doing extensive research is GKhair taming system. There system is very versatile, curl girls who love their curls but hate frizz can still have their curls, and those with the curliest hair who hate their curls can get rid of up to 80% leaving it very manageable and allowing them to straighten it completely on their own. It is the best system out there with the best keratin that is the closest match to human hair, allowing it to penetrate deeper and last longer

 I worked in salon where they try all the system in search of one that didn't make the staff dizzy and all of these made everyone including the receptionist very sick every time brazilian blowout,keratin complex,GK,SIMPLY SMOOTH,Rejuvenol,we did however tried "KeraGreen" by organic color system and it work every well and no one got sick,hope this helps you,I no longer work in salon that provide this service,so I don't know about the new products.

I use the BB and if the area is well venelated it didn't seem to bother anyone, however that being said if there's not a fan goin then it seems to be a lil more harsh smelling...So venelation is most defiantly the key.

While some may not have FORMALDEHYDE in them, you need to check what ALDEHYDES they have. Some become FORMALDEHYDE at a certain temperature. Copola was one of them that I used and researched. Not good. And frankly, I resented that they weren't 100% truthful with me on that and I finally had them send me an MSDS sheet. Ya want to know the worst part of it? When I called them to question why I was smelling a STRONG odor of formaldehyde, and they told me it's free of it, I was working on a client who was a cancer survivor.

I now use GK. Just take time to do your own research and don't rely on just opinions.

My school elected to use the GK taming system, and we've heard nothing but positive feedback. I even had the treatment done on myself, and I loved it. No burning or sickness, just keep away from the clients face as always and assess just how much frizz or curl they want to get rid of to know what level to use. I have RED ROD sized curls, after using the GK resistant (their strongest formula) my hair was soft as I've ever had it, it was manageable and it felt healthier. I would use this on anyone, my straight hair clients love it too for it's lightest level only softens curls and smoothes frizz soo well. Hope you give it a try. My hair was a 7KR and it took out all the R so make sure there's a color appt booked for them if they are in fact looking to keep their current tone btw.

Have used Keratin Complex for 5 years and have never had any bad results from the treatments or dissatisfied clients. It is Amazing!

Our salon using keratin complex for a while now results are consistent and the clients are faithful to it and only complaints is like with any smoothing systems " three days" they have to wait to pull hair up or clip back!

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