K, here it is--we, my salon and I, are debating as to whether or not we should go with the Brazilian Blowout smoothing system or Keratin Complex. I have spoken with both company's reps and would value the opinions of my peers, where ever your loyalties may lie. Give me the 411.

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LOVE the Brazilian Blowout!

I am in the same situation as you.  I am looking forward to my peer's opinions as well!

Frankly is not worth the money to get lung cancer in 10 years,my friend is a biologist and he told me don't mess with the keratin treatment,since beauty industry is not regulated they put what ever they want,if you looked up most of hair & beauty product we used have some incredient that cause cancer,yes if you use the once or twice it won't kill you,but over time it will compromise and break down your DNA structure,this specially damages for people with cancer in their gene pool...never listen to sale rep,their job is sale you product and a lot of them are not hairdressers or chemists,they just repeat what company tells them,find out for your self what's what. But if must I believe the Keragreen is the safest so far
I agree with Keila' it's really not worth even putting yourself through the risks when there are so many alternatives products out there that absolutely do not have Any forms of carcinogens and still can do the job! Don't compromise your health for a few extra bucks! It's not worth it!

I love Brazilian Blowout!  THey have totally reformulated their smoothing treatments and when used correctly there is little to no odor.  My clients have enjoyed frizz free smoother hair and love it too!!

Just wondering in you have checked into the Pravana Perfection Smooth~out or their Keratin Fusion Straightner? I love both products and the hair is left in fantastic condition! I would highly suggest you check these options out. You can look at www.pravana.com for the insite into these products. I think youll be glad you did. Have a great day!

Worked in a salon using Brazilian Blowout- it created a ton more eye and nose sensitivity BUT was a lot stronger as far as curl reduction. However, since almost everyone has a smartphone and can google, they'll come across the Brazilian Blowout's run in with OHSA and concerns about formaldehyde, which will basically create bad press-clients think they know better because they read a blog about BB. (which is the reason we use Keratin Complex at my salon).

I love the Keratin Complex Natural Smoothing Treatment because it's organic and completely natural, and it eliminates all frizz while keeping a curl (making curls "pretty). They also created a Glycolic Smoothing Treatment which is stronger, for clients who want more curl reduction.

Recently I added a Keratin Complex re-certification class, and all the concerns about sensitivity were explained- product over use is always the problem. So whatever you choose, get certified and don't overuse!  

You have to know about  jigsaw puzzle which is good to know.

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