Well my friend has virgin black hair she dyed it caramel using wella 9/1 and 8/1 and 40 vol I loved the color :)
I want to do the same to my mom, my mom has 75% grey hair and she dyes it black 302/0.
She wants to dye her hair caramel and she does not want to bleach her hair since its damaged enough.
Would it work if i use wella 9/1 and 8/1 and 40 vol on her black died hair ???
How can i dye my mom,s hair caramel ???
Thanks in advance :)

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Why don't you do a strand test?

well claudia i did ant it turned up dark brown :(  how can i turn it into caramel ??

Claudia Harangus said:

Why don't you do a strand test?

Do you just wells? You could try double blonde fusion redken with a 10n and and 9ng 40v but you do know that 40 v does just as much damage as using bleach with 20 v to lift it to a Carmel.
Sorry wella

Thank you Jessica :)

Jessica Rae Baldwin said:

Do you just wells? You could try double blonde fusion redken with a 10n and and 9ng 40v but you do know that 40 v does just as much damage as using bleach with 20 v to lift it to a Carmel.

seriously! you cant lift color with color. especially from black to caramel. using color even with a hilift will only change the color slightly. you MUST bleach first. sorry


Have you tried color remover from pravana ?

I am sorry but you can not lift color with color. You can use a color removal like privana I love. Or rusk has one as well. Always follow the directions you may have to do a couple of times to achieve the actual amount of lift you want. Is it professional color?


Technically it's not supposed to work (lifting color with color) but sometimes it does. If an 8/9 w 40vol turned it brown, and you still want to try w out bleach, I would use a level 10 with 40volume. Might get it close to a Carmel. OR try doubling the developer and it will lift it a little lighter. (40g of whatever color you want and 80g of 40vol) hope this helps!
** of course bleach is going to give you the best result, those are just a few ideas to try.

WOW!  talk about damaging. even a 10 with 40v wont work, but 40v peroxide with even a color will blow the hair up!  (a level 10 color has LOTS of ammonia also)  you are much better to go bleach and 20 vol than ANYTHING with 40 (which, AGAIN, will NOT work anyway.)  Low and Slow baby, Low and Slow. lol.   good luck  :)

Use a color remover, and use a protein re constructor in between services. I like to use Joico K-Pak, and Lanza's Trauma treatment. Matrix has a color remover that I use, and I think it is pretty gentle compared to some other brands that I have used. Remember YOU are the professional, and you need to educate your clients to the realities of what it will take to achieve what they are asking for. Most corrective colors take more than 1 step to achieve the desired result.  Good luck. 8o)


Haircolor 101, you cannot remove color with color. Color removers are just bleach in disguise. A gentle powder bleach with 10 volume should do it, save yourself the time and energy of trying anything else.

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