I am in the market for a really great pair of shears. Preferably something that is great for both wet and dry cutting. I am will to drop a good amount of cash if its worth it. I have a pair of tondeo shears and another entry level pair of shears that are good but want to step it up! Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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I recommend my personal favorite Sam villa shears. The design and shape of the shears really makes it comfortable to work with and any angle. My old shears were really giving me a hard time and making my wrist jury and I always use plam to plan placement. And keep my plan facing outward but the old pair was not comfortable. Once I got to hold Sam villa shears my wrist to this day is no longer hurts at all. My first and la@t brand of shear I will ever use. I use the 7inch shears for everything, I even have the 6.25 inch along with the texture shears. I raely ever use the texture shears.

Well I have the RUSK swivel thumb blades they have a 360degree swivel thum making them really comfortable to use! I also have their texturizing blades they have three but I reccomend u the gammas for fine hair and the alphas for curly and medium hair they dont left any marks of demarcation! I hope this helps u!

I love love love the Sam Villa shears! Amazing ergonomic design! Go watch his video on them! its on youtube under samvillahair. Answer one of mine?

I love my Hattori hanzos!
Sam Villa, hands down. I have the swivel shears and texturizing shears. His texturizing shears are great because you can hold them with the teeth up or down, depending on what technique you are performing. I sometimes cut the entire perimeter with the texturizing shear. It creates a soft line that will flip out or under depending on how you hold the shear (teeth up or down).
I love Shark Fin Shears, the Swivel :)
By far Mizutani shears. One of the very few TRUE Japanese handcrafted shears on the market.

Kasho Millennium

Kasho and Sam Villa. I love 7" dry cutting Sam Villa shears!!!!

I love my Sam Villa wet shears.  He also makes a dry cutting shear as well. It's good to not use your wet shears when cutting dry hair.

I love, love, love my Fanout Shears. Amazing.

Fan Out all the way! www.fanout.com

I love them.  they are pricey, but totally worth it, quality design and functionality.

if you go to a hairshow where they have a booth, check them out, you can have to hold them and cut with them, they are amazing!!

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