Even on a mobile device, the full desktop version let's you enter the site creator. I-phone doesn't allow photo or file upload. And the WHSYWIG editor doesn't open for text editing. Only HTML Editor is available for basic font. HTML scripting can be done for link, image, embed, tables, etc. A full version PC or MAC will be needed for Text WHYSIWIG.

Even on a PC, tables, iframes, and advanced font control HTML will be needed. Switch over to HTML editor and script away.


The language for building web pages.

But the coolest thing about the NING editor is, the HTML links above was copy and paste website elements from another site. Pasted directly in to the Visual Mode editor.
Not all formatting always comes over the same way, and being able to switch to HTML to read and clean up the code, you can start every design element on third base!!!

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