Brighten up your clients' drab color and switch up their high light formula! Introducing a second and even a third color, instead of using all lightener, adds new dimension and shine. This can sound scary to some clients. Be careful how you suggest the new colors. Avoid the word "low light". This term makes our blonde addicted clients loss their minds and completely shy away from the idea! They think "dark". Try asking if they'd like to see their high lights look lighter and brighter! They will go for it for sure. Adding the secondary blonde formula in larger slices, while keeping the lightener in a woven pattern, makes the lightener appear lighter and also lightens more of the overall look. Here is an example with a diagram showing my placement. Only high lighting in a circular parting, just past the round of the head, divided into a pie-like sections with the center at the highest point. So, it is also a fairly quick application with maxium impact!

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