Glaze while neutralizing, help anyone?

I have heard it is possible to glaze the same day a relaxer is performed because of color loss. Would you glaze the hair  while neutralizing relaxer? After neutralizing? I always thought the hair could not be shampooed for at least 48 hours after neutralizing.

The second part to my question is if you plan to cut the guest's hair after the treatment, can you wet the hair or use cutting lotions? Does this ruin the development of the relaxer? Also, when the instruction say, "style as normal", I ALWAYS use product to style guests hair, do products ruin the effectiveness of the relaxer?

I really appreciate the time and effort anyone takes to help me with these questions.

Hope everyone is having an amazing day.

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Comment by Kristen Asher on March 21, 2013 at 10:12pm
I would glaze after neutralizing. Do not shampoo after. What type of hair? Ethnicity? That may change what you can do with the hair as far as styling.

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