The creativity is endless when it comes to ponytails – they can be formed in all shapes and sizes and incorporated into just about any look, long or short. I am constantly playing with long hair and I want to share this simple Side Ponytail Loop with you! This technique is so simple and fast you can execute the look for your guest as an added value to her service in about 5 minutes – Seriously!


Tools of choice:

Sam Villa Signature Series Tail CombThe tail comb has a long pick that works great for sectioning off the hair. 

Sam Villa Professional Texturizing Iron: I texturized my model’s hair with the Textur Iron prior to creating this look.  Adding texture not only gives the hair more grip but also imparts a visual organic look and feel to the hair.

How to create a Side Ponytail Loop: 

Check your guest’s profile and front view to determine which side will be the most visually pleasing for the hair to lay atop of one shoulder. Once you have determined which side you want the pony to sit, begin on the opposite side of the head. Take the hair in front of the ear and comb it over to the opposite side of the head.
Discover how to add character and creativity to your side ponytail

Take your tail comb and come into that same section at the hairline and part out three inch section just above the parietal ridge. Gather the hair and place an elastic into this section at eye level – keep the elastic loose, only 2 wraps. Once you have the elastic in go into the area just above the elastic with your thumb and forefinger to split the hair. Loop the ponytail over the top of the split and pull it through.
Create a side ponytail that looks like a Fishtail braid just by adding in a few loops

Go back to the opposite side of the head and gather another section, then bring the section over to the ponytail side.
Add sections to your side ponytail for a more creative look

Drag the section underneath the ponytail and merge into one ponytail.
By looping the hair through it creates the appearance of a fishtail braid

Place an elastic about two inches below the previous elastic and place the elastic so it is loose.
Create multiple loops to add creativity to your side ponytails

Split the area between the first and second ponytails.
Want more creativity to your side ponytails? Simply add in a few loops!

Grab the ponytail and pull it up and through the split. Pull the hair below the elastic up and out to tighten up a bit.
Create visual interest on your side ponytails with this simple trick

Go back to the opposite side of the head repeat the process, directing the next section over to the pony – merge, split, pull through and tighten – until you have all of the hair on the head into one pony.
Gather sections to create a looped side ponytail for added creativitySlide your ponytail down the hair to ensure you leave plenty of room to pull the hair up through the ponytailBring the fingers up through the hair to grab the ponytail and pull back down through the hair

The amount of hair you leave out at the end is completely up to you.

Next, pick up a razor and go through to cut all the elastics out (except for the very bottom elastic - leave that one in), be gentle and you will not cut the hair at all and the loops will not come out.
Cut the elastics in the hair with a razor

Once finished, go back through and loosen each of the sections by pulling them horizontally until you have the look you desire. Pulling the loops apart will create more thickness and that messy organic look & feel.
Side Loop Ponytail

This is such a cool and simple technique that really adds a sense of character in place of just a ponytail pulled to one side with elastic.  Explain the technique to your guest along the way – get interactive with them.  Value, folks, Value!

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